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Discover how to remove toxins from your home and use real food to heal your body

Hello! We are Laura & Tera

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners & Clean Living Educators

We are the founders of Branch Collective Wellness, Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, mothers, dog lovers and through collective resources are devoted to helping you find your ideal health.

Our mission is to support people in healing through creative connection. Health is understood through nutrition, clean living, and mindful practices. Our secret is to reach out an olive branch to help guide you to wellness. Don’t worry! Good health is not complicated. So if this resonates with you don’t wait around, reach out today to start your path to better health!

We can support…

digestive issues

Food Allergies

Weight Loss

hormonal imbalance

Family Nutrition

Prenatal-Postpartum Nutrition

Animal Wellness

Autoimmune Diseases

Lifestyle Reset

Sugar Detox

These are just a few health concerns that people are faced with. If you have a concern that is not listed feel free to contact us.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that no two people are alike. Each person’s body requires looking at nutrition and lifestyle in a different way. What might be beneficial for one person might not be for the next. What our body needs is informed by both our genes and our environment and your environment can change your genes.

“Genes load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger. We have the power to change our genetic expression today by changing how we eat and live. Look at food as information that will program your genes.” (Chris Kresser)

We will take your bio-individual needs and environmental factors and work together to create the best protocol for your unique life.  It is not about removing foods from your diet but nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs.

From our Clients

My daughter struggled with severe intestinal distress and after consulting many doctors and specialists we were left without any clear solutions and little hope. We finally found Laura and our journey to restorative health began! She truly went above and beyond in tirelessly working with us for more than a year to heal my daughter. She came alongside us, genuinely cared, listened, and fought for us in so many ways. Little by little my daughter’s health improved and today she is a happy, thriving child! We can never thank Laura enough!!!


I’ve been to many doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers to feel better about my food allergies, hypothyroidism and weight gain. Tera is a breath of fresh air; she’s given me a new found hope for change. She listened to my history and partnered with me to create a personalized plan that worked for me. I could tell she truly cared and wanted me to be successful in my nutritional battles. Thank you Tera!


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