Hi! I’m Stephanie

       Holistic Nurse Practitioner

My name is Stephanie and I have a passion for helping people get well. I’ve spent my entire career working in the traditional medical field, first as a nurse in the intensive care unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank and then progressing on to become a nurse practitioner, serving the homebound adult community.

After graduation from high school, I spent a year in Guadalajara, Mexico where I developed a love for latino culture and their language. I still speak fluent Spanish today. After returning to the States, I attended and graduated from the University of LaVerne where I earned my Masters degree and then on to Cal State Long Beach for my Nurse Practitioner degree. I love learning and pride myself as a life-long learner. In addition to my formal academic education, I have completed continuing education courses in Holistic Health and Wellness and specialize in wellness, nutrition and restorative health with special emphasis on chronic illness reversal. YES! Many illnesses can not only be arrested but the conditions can be reversed, such as cardio-vascular disease and diabetes.

I feel strongly led to help people through preventative and restorative practices instead of just treating symptoms with a plethora of drugs. After becoming disillusioned with the medical “sick” model, I decided to focus on helping people take back control of their personal health. For too long many of us have given control over to our doctors with the expectation they would “cure” us. I want to help people realize that our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves if we are just given the tools. My vision and desire is to help educate people on how to “tap” into that God given ability, whether it is through diet, exercise, “clearing traumas”, navigating an illness, immune system support through IV therapies, medical advocacy or end of life counseling and support.

I look forward to helping all those who have a strong desire to reverse their ailing condition and are willing to do the hard work. My services include face-to-face visits as well as virtual visits.

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